Robotech: The Movie (1986)

Robotech: The Movie (1986) Watch Robotech: The Movie (1986)
IMDB Rating: 6.4 / 10 (4679)

In 1999 an alien spaceship crashed onto the earth. Hidden on board were the secrets of a unique science known as Robotechnology. Databanks found in the ship were transferred to the Earth Robotech Computer Complex. In 2009, an alien search party arrived from hyper-space to reclaim their lost databank. The united Earth Government was forced into an Inter Galactic war. Earth forces were able to win the first battle......but at a great cost. The planet was virtually destroyed. New population...

Release Date: 25 Jul 1986
Genres: Animation, Action, Music
Language: English
Duration: 87 min
Country: Japan, USA
Cast: Kerrigan Mahan, Iona Morris, Diane Michelle, Gregory Snegoff


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